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Contemporary Art Residencies in the Swiss Alps



Sam Douglas  -  December 2017

Having been at open spaces for over a week now, I am still getting used to the amazing view from the studio, which I spend a lot of time staring at instead of painting. My first works have been done directly from this viewpoint as opposed to my usual reliance on photographic reference material and I hope to continue doing so...I also would like to get out and do some plein air studies in the manner of romantic painters from the age of the grand tour. In order to do so, I will have to sketch with gloves on and maybe bring a hip flask of strong spirits also.

These studies will hopefully develop into something strange as I work into them in the studio aiming to create an altered or psychedelic atmosphere. Ultimately I would like to build up a group of small works that aim at a form of mapping out of the local area explored on foot and bicycle.

There was an outdoor advent market - and we ran a workshop in the studio alongside this..I made a large scale charcoal drawing of the view from the studio which formed the background for a wide range of creations drawn, coloured and stuck on by children from Gsteig and Feutersoey and some parents also. There was quite a buzz to the proceedings and the end result exceeded all expectations - so congratulations to everyone for this great effort!

sam_6 sam_5 sam_1 sam_2 sam_3 sam_4

Timo Rytkönen  -  November 2017

Residency is soon ending.

This week I selected stones with white stripes from soil separation site of Feutersoey. Thanks to Ruedi for arranging permission.

Now 39 chosen stones form an installation in fountain of incessantly running water.

You can find "Waternity / Immerwasser" in front of Open Spaces Culture Centre.


Preparing for the show and Raclette  -  November 2017

A busy preparation for the Feutershow - followed by the end of Residency Raclette!


Picture Preparation


First guest: Welcome Melanie!

Raclette first round!

Hungry Artists!

Timo's studio

Open Studio at Open Spaces  -  15 October 2017

On Sunday, 15 October, the schoolhouse in Feutersoey was the centre for a one-day Berglauf-Arnensee mountain run. It was a lovely sunny day, and from the studio we could see over 200 persons in the playground (enjoying the food) and in front of the Ladeli convenience store (at the race start).

We got about 50 persons visiting the studio: adults, families with children, a grandmother who is an ex-teacher of the schoolhouse….and lots of children, who were very interested in what we were showing.

Timo and Nelo worked on the welcome sign for the foyer. At one point, there were over 12 persons in the studio, and no one remembered to take a photo! The run event was over by 4pm and we also closed the studio at that time.


Nelo and Timo greet first guests

The playground

Race Starts

Timo explaining his work

Explaining Nelo's Work

Nelo in his studio

Timo Rytkönen  -  October 2017

My project in Open Spaces residency is about recycling and reuse of abandoned art. I'm looking for means and ways to maintain or increase the value of works

of art, which otherwise would be garbage.

It is a reminder and comment for the importance of recycling, which is a topical theme everywhere. The project itself is an act of art.

As an artist, it is more reasonable and justified not to produce all the time new and more.

I have already a collection of paintings for this purpose.

Anyway, I would appreciate dispensable paintings donated. They may be in bad condition. You may contact me (Timo) directly via e-mail: rutkonen[at] - auch auf Deutsch, ou en français.

It is possible for me to come and collect the canvas even somewhere further than Gstaad.

This kind of project is well suited to be accomplished in Switzerland, which is said to be the leading country in recycling.

Having visited the recycling centre of Feutersoey, I found everything there in good order and clean. All the waste is separeted into their own containers. Only a recycling container for gold is lacking...

Also tax badges for wastebags, I find good. One realizes, that rubbish just doesn't dissappear, there is price to handle it. Exemplary practice, I would say.


ArtSung:   Suelin & Nelo go to Gsteig  -  September 2017

Nelo and Suelin had a grueling early start in the cold on Saturday for the Gsteig Autumn Fair. The cow bell parade was out, as was the Yodel Club of Gsteig, cheese makers and dried meat sellers - the sun shone most of the day, while Ruedi from Feutersoey was handing out strong local coffee and other unnamed drinks of the grown-up variety. To finish the day on a high note, a local collector bought some pictures.

suelin_2 suelin_3

Timo Rytkönen  -  September 2017


I am a Finnish artist and arrived in Feutersoey in the beginning of September, and happy to have had nice weather in the first week for acclimatizing and orientating to new environs.

I'm making art out of lots of different materials and with many diverse techniques. I have had many solo exhibitions mostly in Finland, taken part in art competitions with some victories and completed numerous public works of art, already in four continents. My production includes also several books and short films.

During the years I have felt repeatedly privileged having had the possibility to visit multiple highly interesting places as a guest artist.

Find out more at my web site:


ArtSung:   Suelin Low Chew Tung   &   Jean Renel Pierre Louis (Prensnelo)  -  September 2017

Prensnelo is a painter, photographer and film maker from Petit Goâve, Haïti, resident in Grenada. His surrealist and abstract artworks explore Haitian identity, culture, history and tradition, and take the form of mixed media paintings on canvas and wood. He has been exhibited in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, United States, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, England, China, France, Trinidad and Grenada. He has participated in residencies in Haiti, France, Romania and China. He is proficient in French, Spanish and Haitian Creole. He hosts regular youth art camps in his home village of Brigue, Haiti.

suelin_2 suelin_3

Since 1990, Suelin has undertaken an exploration of Grenada’s Traditional Carnival Masquerade, as well as questions of identity, culture, history and tradition, inspired by research into our colonial period. Her work takes the form of mixed media paintings, drawings and collages, many of them on found/recycled substrates, as well as canvas and paper. Her recent papers on art during the Grenada revolution years have been published in the 2013 Social and Economic Studies (SES) journal, The University of The West Indies Mona Campus, Jamaica, and in Perspectives on the Grenada Revolution 1979 -1983 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017.

She has presented on Grenadian art and culture during residencies in Andorra, Haiti, Slovenia, Romania and China. Her works have been shown in Andorra, Spain, China, South Korea, Switzerland, Haiti, Romania, Slovenia, the UK, the USA, Trinidad and Grenada. She signs her works al, for ars longa vita brevis — art is long, life is short.

suelin_1 suelin_4

Jane Ward  -  August 2017

Jane is taking part in A Table of Elements - congratulations!


Jane Ward  -  July 2017

Jane is taking part in the White Conduit Project for July 2017 - congratulations!

Please click this_link for more information.

Cordelia Cembrowicz  -  July 2017

I have been here for four weeks today. The weather remains captivating. Within half an hour it can go from a tropical rain storm to bright sunshine:

coredelia_5 coredelia_6 coredelia_7

As well as crowd scenes I have been painting bears in rainbow water.

coredelia_8 coredelia_9 coredelia_10

Jane Ward  -  July 2017

Jane Works 1 Jane Wokrs 2

Cordelia Cembrowicz  -  June 2017

coredelia_1 coredelia_2

I arrived at Open Spaces in the middle of the night, looked up and saw a shooting star. I started my residency with a wish!

Seeing the school house in darkness did not give much of the view away, but the size of the studio space immediately impressed me. I am sure the studio floorspace is larger than our flat in London. The space is fantastic. It was not until I woke up in the morning that I saw the mountain view. It is momentous, and never fails to mesmorise me. The quality of the light changes the view in the most dramatic way. Even though it is mid-summer we can see snow at the top of the peaks. Clouds appear and evaporate. The weather changes hourly.

Crowd formations are something I keep returning to within my artistic practice. I am interested in the power of the crowd, the way we relate to each other, the way the crowd relates to the world.

I woke up unusually early on my second day to news of the fire in London, at Grenfell Tower. The building is less than a mile from our home, and visible from our balcony. Despite our differences - ethnicity, religion, privilege I have so much in common with those that lost their lives. I am absolutely devastated. The severity of the fire has thrown up lots of questions about housing in London, and the impact of austerity measures on safety standards. How could this be possible in 2017? Watching events unfurl from here in Feutersoy is surreal.

There is nothing that can ease the pain of suffering for those families affected, but the response from people has been massive.

Drawing crowds of people is a kind of meditation. It is a mediation on the kindness of others, and the way we are linked together. It is a meditation on the lives that have been lost.

coredelia_3 coredelia_4

Jane Ward  -  June 2017

Weekend Wanderweg 1: these are examples of pictures which will be included in future works.

mountains_walks_1 mountains_walks_2 mountains_walks_3 mountains_walks_4 mountains_walks_5

Matheline Marmy at Open Spaces: April and May 2017


Slow School
text_anxiety Matheline 14 Matheline 15 Matheline 16 Matheline 17 Matheline 18 Matheline 19 Matheline 20 Matheline 21 Matheline 22 Matheline 23 Matheline 24 Matheline 25 Matheline 26 Matheline 27 Matheline 28 Matheline 29


Alternative photography / emulsion from grass chlorophyl reacts to the sunlight.

Matheline 1 Matheline 2 Matheline 3

"Some days ago I found marks on concrete, hidden by the woods, near the path of hikers.

This must have been some kind of trial to control the area. It is still there, so I am taking notes."

Matheline 1 Matheline 2 Matheline 3 Matheline 4 Matheline 5 Matheline 6 Matheline 7 Matheline 8 Matheline 9 Matheline 10